Lloyd Gwilliam 

Candidate for District 64

Club Growth Director


For the next two years we, as a group, will be journeying together thru stressful times as two things occur:  

1) The transition from our current education system to Pathways. 

2) The loss of our traditional Fall Conference and along with it two speech contests many of us have come to cherish.  

For some of us it may feel overwhelming.  To leave behind something that has been a staple in our lives for so many years can be stressful. 

However, on the positive side we will be living through one of the most exciting and incredible changes in the past 60 years!  The move to a newly expanded, accessible, and tailored to our individual needs, online Toastmasters education system called  Pathways.  

How we adapt, how we move forward and how we excel will be a testament to the Toastmaster program we hold so dear to our hearts.

If elected to the position of Club Growth Director I will use all my skills, resources and talent to help move us through those changes in the most effective way possible - together.  

Allow me to give back by serving an organization I cherish as much as you.




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